BeHaBIOCert - Zadruga za organsku kontrolu i certifikaciju p.o.

About us

BeHaBIOCert has become the first certification body - member of the International Federation of Organic Culture Movements (IFOAM) from BiH. BeHaBIOCert, Co-operative for Organic Inspection & Certification, was established in 2010 and registered with Sarajevo Municipal Court. In accordance with the Business Cooperation Agreement entered into with AgriBioCert, Co-operative for Organic Production Inspection and Certification, Omišalj, Croatia, an authorised watchdog for ecological production of agricultural and food products, as well as an authorised legal entity to conduct the procedure of verifying harmonization of products, processes and services (certification) in ecological production of agricultural and food products (Official Gazette of R. Croatia 12/01) and applicable rulebooks, BeHaBIOCert gives you an opportunity to certify your ecologically produced foodstuff and other products  If you are in production, processing and turnover (trade, export, import) of organic agricultural  products and foodstuff, BeHaBIOCert may offer you internationally recognised professional monitoring and certification of your products in line with different standards of organic production and thereby provide you easy access to the markets of BiH, neighbouring countries, but also leading global markets.

Uredba EU br.834/2007, zemlje članice EU – izdavanje certifikata od strane ovlaštene organizacije (ABC)