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About ecological farming

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The aim of ecological farming is a sustainable production system based on eco cycles and awareness.
Ecological farming does not aspire to exterminate pests and weeds but it believes that every living entity plays its role in the eco system. The biggest part of pests and weeds control in ecological farming is done through planning (crop rotation, crop selection etc.) and preventive actions. Such approach requires more participation and better knowledge of farmers since they do not use direct measures (as pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals).
Conventional food is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides which may contain long ago banned substances. Artificial fertilizers have substances which are proved to be health hazardous, especially when often consummated in an extended period of time (cadmium, polychlorinated  dyphenol, as well as PCBs). Those chemicals are, in line with the most recent studies, responsible for the rise in various forms of cancer, infertility problems and different allergies, as well as asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

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