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Organic food

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Few things you should have on your mind about organic food:

- Superior taste
- Healthier as it contains more vitamin C, basic minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, iron and also antioxidants.
- Less additives since only 32 out of 290 additives are allowed to be used in food production in the EU.
- NO pesticides
- NO genetically modified products
- NO antibiotics
- Comes from verified sources since inspection is done no less than once every year
- Cares about the well-being of environment but of animals, too.

Should you wish to be sure that the food you buy is organic buy only the food which has on it a globally recognised stamp and a certificate of organic food and which is also properly packed

Uredba EU br.834/2007, zemlje članice EU – izdavanje certifikata od strane ovlaštene organizacije (ABC)