BeHaBIOCert - Zadruga za organsku kontrolu i certifikaciju p.o.

Why certify?

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a future EU member state, needs to follow the most contemporary trends in the field of production, processing, manufacturing and packing of, not only, food but also other ecological products.
BiH should exploit all its uncultivated land areas and unpolluted land as its own potential.

Yet  for a ecologically produced and processed BiH product to find its place at a demanding European market it needs to have  a certificate confirming its quality and that it meets all relevant norms and standards of growing, production and processing.
Production system, inspection and certification give assurances to a consumer that the product comes from certified organic production.  In so doing you make a choosy buyer in BiH or abroad to get confidence in you. A buyer does not know, and needs not know, all the standards and norms of ecological production but s/he does recognize certificate that guaranties him/her the said.
Certified organic products are the products produced, stored, wrapped, kept and marked in a manner as prescribed by standards and organic farming-related legislation and being granted a certificate by a certification body- BeHaBIOCert.

Uredba EU br.834/2007, zemlje članice EU – izdavanje certifikata od strane ovlaštene organizacije (ABC)