BeHaBIOCert - Zadruga za organsku kontrolu i certifikaciju p.o.

How to get a certificate?

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Certification is a process of checking whether established standards have been met. Written rules and procedures represent a basis in the certification program as to ensure objectivity, competence, as well as transparency of the whole process. A producer, processor, seller etc. who applies for certification, has responsibility to uphold standards and is a holder of the certificate. Certification body BeHaBIOCert sends an inspector, who has respective professional background and also required certificates and accreditations, to make an inspection in the property owned by the applicant. Inspection means a process during which it is assessed whether a product, a procedure or a service is harmonised with prescribed standards. Assessment is conducted by way of observation and judgment, appropriate measuring, testing etc. Inspection entails production, processing, storing and transport, transactions among production elements as well as labelling of products and certificates.
Principal inspection elements are verification and appraisal. Findings are presented in a report which is to be sent to the certification manager who based on inspection report grants a certificate that respective standards have been met.
A person may have several certificates which mean the person is tested and meets several standards.

Uredba EU br.834/2007, zemlje članice EU – izdavanje certifikata od strane ovlaštene organizacije (ABC)